Why I'm Running

We need to open opportunities for our young people to stay in the area

Rural Minnesota turns out the best workforce in the country. We need to create a friendly work environment, allow existing business to expand, and new business to spring up. We need to open opportunities for our young people to stay in the area.

My concern for family, and desire to see all of them raise their own families in rural Minnesota, has given me a passion to see an economically stable and morally secure Minnesota.

We have seen a steady increase in property taxes and fees. Sadly, given the recent economic instability, we will be forced to shoulder the burden of a 6.6 billion dollar gas tax increase, along with a promise to raise it even higher in the future. This has not only risen for the average citizen, but this financial weight has put excessive burdens on employers. The high taxes in our State not only detour new business, they also harm existing businesses.

I believe in reducing spending, and across the board tax cuts. Letting those who make money, keep the money they make.

We also need to address the energy issues facing us today such as supporting the drilling of domestic oil, clean burning coal, natural gas and nuclear energy. All these options are within our reach. The answer is simple; elect Senators who won’t block the growth. The demand is there, as is the willingness to provide it. We need to work with industries, providing the services in an open and free market. Competition always drives down prices.

I look forward to the opportunity to restore growth and economic vitality to our region of Minnesota. I’m convinced that this can be accomplished with renewed leadership in our State Senate, along with a renewed sense of commitment to the hard working people of this Senate District.