Where I stand on the important issues 


For the past 2 years Walz administration has imposed unconstitutional mandates on the citizens of Minnesota. 
House Democrats were unwilling to reign in the Governors abuse of power.

We need to everything possible to stop this from happening again.

Republicans tried no less than 20 times to end these emergency powers. Every time our attempts were halted by the Democrat Majority.
I have proposed a bill, HF101 that would not only stop this, but prevent being used in the future. By putting the question to the people of Minnesota on by way of a ballot question in the general election. This would put changes in the State Constitution that could not be overturned by a simple vote fro the Legislature.
The bill was prevented from moving, again by the House majority. But this bill will come back if we can take the House and keep the /senate in the 2022 election.

Public safety

We must never forget the devastation on the streets of Minneapolis. Governor Walz and House Democrats sat back and watched the city burn. Law enforcement and National Guard were on stand by. When they were finally given the authority the riots were stopped in short order. This could all been prevented.

Now crime is at record highs in the Metro area. Law Enforcement numbers are far below what is needed to ensure public safety.

Our local officers have been called down to help. Leaving our families with less support. We must stop the defund the police movement. Instead work toward recruitment of well-trained law enforcement.


We need to revamp Minnesota's education system.

The mid-west has produced the hardest working, most dedicated employees throughout the country and that is something to be proud of. As times change, we need to be up to date with the latest technology and research but we need to remember the foundation our country was built upon and keep those valuable ideals within our schools. Education is not only teaching history, science, reading, math and writing; but also ethics and values. This includes choosing the right kinds of education to present to students; focusing on quality education and not spending funds on classes that students will not find useful when they move into or return to a career. A community cannot be prosperous if it cannot adequately educate the people that are living within it. We need to work together as a strong education state to maintain and improve the quality education system.


How would you change our tax system to best match your beliefs on who should pay taxes?

From what sources should we raise funds; sales tax, property tax, fuel tax, income tax, fee's?

What are the pros and cons of differing taxation methods?

-Our tax system as it is today punishes success. We are asked to believe that there is a class of people that do not exist. They make the magical $250,000 a year. The believe is that if we take it from them it doesn't matter.

But who are they really? The largest majority of them are the men and women that own small businesses. In rural Minnesota if you are not a small business owner, you probably work for one. If taxes are raised on these small business owners, it will mean more job losses in Minnesota.

Let's not get pushed into a discussion on the best way to raise taxes, let's lower them across the board.